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Diamonds and Gems

Diamonds sourcing

I buy diamonds from well established wholesalers

I have many years of experience sourcing diamonds

Diamond price guide

Prices vary according to Colour, Clarity, Cut and Carat size, polish symmetry and shape.

Diamond prices go up in price exponentially based on rarity. That is why they are priced per carat. Roughly speaking 0.1ct diamonds may cost $1000 p/ct and a similar quality 2.5ct diamond may cost $20,000 p/ct and D, Flawless diamonds are twice the price of nearly flawless diamonds.

Accent diamonds and melee

The best suited diamonds are chosen for the design. The right fit is not always known until the commission has been started. I supply all smaller diamonds.

Out-sourced diamonds

You're welcome to use own diamond or gemstone, but it is not insured against defects.  The diamond buying process is a journey and I understand you may have already found your stone. I have worked with thousands of gems so I hope that you feel secure.

Coloured Gems

I have a supply of precious and semi-precious gems and I am always looking for eye catching or interesting material. I buy my gems focusing on high quality material suitable for platinum jewellery and my own style

The price difference between precious, semi-precious and non-precious gems can be 1000x. Rarety, promotional aspects, colour and intensity, as well as the fire and the weight affect the price. Inclusions and symmetry don't necessarily impact the price because value is based on how well the gem is cut to enhance it's natural qualities


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