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Phillip Schmidt

I began learning my trade as a jeweller in 1987 with a local jewellery manufacturing / retail shop working as an apprentice.

I have worked in Melbourne and the UK in various workshops and I have worked with platinum since around 2000


Platinum is a dense and malleable metal that will take an excellent polish and never corrode

Higher temperatures are needed to fuse and solder platinum. Because of its long wearing properties platinum can last a lifetime. The density and malleability allow for better detail, polish, strength and longevity

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Jewellery workbench

This is where jewellery is made. Working to catch the lamel, thinking about hand tools like gravers, drills, burrs, pliers and files

In the workshop there are rolling mills, setting and engraving equipment and tools for shaping, soldering and polishing

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Phillip Schmidt

Century Building workshop

Council member of he Gold and Silversmith Guild of Australia - GSGA

I have been accepted as a Fellow of the Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia and are currently a National Council member.

We are a collective of jewellers who promote the skills of the trade

Members of the GSGA mark their work with a Makers-Mark and quantity mark
The stamps give providence to the item and are used by valuers to assess the cost

"The Guild is the only professional organization in Australia with a traditional and comprehensive system of marking precious metal items

The Guild's principal aim is to promote the Guild Mark as a symbol of excellence"

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Gold and Silversmiths Guild of Australia

Ph   +61 3 9663 0777 - Suite 808B, Level 8, 125 Swanston Street Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3000. 
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