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Wedding band guidelines

Spot price

The spot price is an investment tool
not the buying price for the metal

A band that will stand the test of time

Most of my wedding bands are platinum, a dense heavy metal that doesn't corrode and takes a high polish. Platinum wedding bands are forged and shaped from stock gauge 950 platinum alloy. You can order platinum, palladium and gold alloys

I need time to check with past commissions to process your order, and make a detailed quote

There are price indications under the images in the individual galleries.
Use these to compare prices for individual ring types: dimensions, weights and other things that affect the price.

The price indications on the website are there to help you compare individual items. They aren't current to the market prices for platinum which fluctuate. Your price will depend on what price was paid for the metal at the time

Labour is charged on an hourly basis, including: finishing textures, stone setting, mixed metals, shaping and fitting as well as forging and fusing and polishing the rings

There is a minimum deposit of 50%

Quotes and consultations

The quote will include your details from the job sheet which you are encouraged to check over. Please use the web site for ballpark figures and ideas. The market value for platinum is above

Gem setting

Gems are hand set. Settings are engraved and polished by hand


The long lasting quality of the product will never fade

You will be able to choose without being limited to stock, since your ring will be made for you personally

Alloys - markings

Our platinum is marked 950. Palladium is marked 900. Gold 750, Silver 999 or 925

PLAT and Pd and other alloy purity marks are used to indicate alloy fineness Makers Mark signature markings are used on my original creations, and can be hallmarked with the GSGA guild mark for provenance

Production of wedding bands includes:

Metal Waste - Off cuts, filings, "lamel" and dust
Waste recovery - Off cuts and some clean filings can be reused and the dust is refined
Fabrication - Metal is rolled in mills, hand drawn, hammered, filed, shaped, cut and joined and measurements are checked throughout
Shaping - stock gauge metal is formed then fused. Rings are hammered on the mandrill to shape and size. The ring is filed and sanded at various stages. Large platinum bands take more time to polish. Comfort shape rings involve filing or stamping the inside to bevel the inside edge

Wedding bands

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