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Expert advice

I can help you decide what your options are, and I will give you my best advice

Design consultations

Ideas may look great in your mind but bringing them into reality requires expert mechanical knowledge of the basic structures of the design. I can help you decide what form it should take and what limitations there may be

'In house' manufacture

Your jewel is manufactured from start to finish in the same workshop, 'in house'

Tailored 'bespoke' designs

Designs can be tailored to your needs because every part of the item's manufacture is taken into account and discussed throughout the design phase

Affordable labour costs

I charge the same rate for every commission. I try to keep our business simple and efficient and pass the savings on to you

After sales service

I am proud of my work and I am always pleased to restore past commissions to new. I offer free servicing and check-ups. Resizing is offered free the first time, and further alterations are discounted

Broad range of styles

There are a surprising number of design elements that can be used and combined in a simple tiny piece of jewellery. Anything can be made, anything. You don't know what will cost more or less.

Quality production levels

My pieces are made as one-offs, with few exceptions. The right approach is dictated by the design and there is no need for cheap production standards to save a few dollars

Quality materials

There is no advantage in buying the cheapest alloys unless you are working with kilos, which is not the case here

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