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Payment methods - Electronic transfer, cash or cheque are accepted. Visa is not

Items will not be released until final payment has been made

Deposit - a deposit of 50% is preferred. Some purchases must be paid in advance.

After sales service - resizing is offered free the first time, and further alterations are discounted

Shipping - registered mail within Australia. Some tips

International orders are usually posted through Fed-Ex and I will send you the tracking number and the link

I am not liable for any loss which may occur in the post


Quotes are sent through email. I provide concise quotes which become our 'job sheet'. If we make changes to the design or the manufacturing cost, I will adjust the invoice.

Quotes for an original design can only be made after an initial consultation.

Expiration date on quotes

Quotes for projects with over 14 - 30 days delay may be void if no substantial deposit has been made

Deposit and payment terms

Your deposit is a surety. You are showing that you are committed and I can start work and make purchases on your behalf

The deposit is non-refundable as it is required to cover costs

On hold

Diamonds sourced by me will not be held without payment after 14 days

Items in my keeping

Your items are insured against theft while they are in my keeping


Returned items must be returned in their original condition. If the items are not in original condition you will be charged according to the extra work involved

If you engage another jeweller to carry out work on your piece, your entitlements are void

Loosened stones

Diamonds need to be checked for security and occasionally may need to be tightened
This is a free service

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