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Until we establish a budget, costs are calculated as work progresses.

Quotes are usually sent by email.

Quotes will become our 'job sheet'. If we make new changes to the design and the manufacture cost it will be added to the final price.

Quotes for an original design can only be made after initial consultation. Unless you find it too hard to get to Melbourne CBD I prefer to meet in person.

We don't quote on copying any other online jewellery. I am keen to understand your preferences and we can use any inspiration on hand, including images. I offer appointments because I prefer to discuss the options in person.

Calculations on quotes

Labour is worked out on an hourly rate based on the average time for similar commissions.

Precious metal, diamonds and gems are purchased from reputable dealers. Prices vary and we always look for good quality. Costs reflect the material cost, especially large diamonds that cost three times the cost ring so your budget should be portioned with a mind to constraints especially overall gem size(s) and size of ring, plus, the rings 'style' is also reflected in the price.

Pro forma / master patterns

Where the design is an unusual I may need to create pro forma models in silver or wax to test the design elements and see how it will look. I will quote you on this and it can be used to cast the final piece. Often the model/casting process faster than by making an original in hard platinum.

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