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Manufacture is handled and carried out in-house, with the exception of some speciallist tasks like engraving, for example

Job sheets are created and labour costs are calculated on the work carried out




Claw, grain, channel, pave, bezel, bar-set, V' tip, girdle, scatter, illusion, micro set in grain or channel, rub over (flush). pre set for assembly


Setting with fine engraving for intricate patterns, including pave designs


Joining pre made parts, soldering, pre-polishing and planning

Casting Predesigned, 1-3 piece assembly+ porosity checked
Cleaning Filing castings, heat treatment, surface purification, hardening

Model making

Wax carving, Cad, mould cutting, hand wrought masters and pro forma


Functionality, modern, traditional, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, wire, etc

Platinum work

Wrought, fusing, finishing, assembly, burnishing, soldering


Burnishing, planishing, milgrain, filing, emery, polishing, cleaning, pre-polishing and setting, hand applied brushed and textured finishes as well as mechanised finishing, skilled outsourcing available


Re-tipping, re-sizing, engraving, re-make, parts replacement, soldering, plating, shaping, improving

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