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Architectural art deco skyscraper style


Size - N1/2 (Can be resized 6 sizes)

Metal weight - 9.6 grams, 900 Palladium (platinum/ruthenium alloy)

Diamonds - Princess cut trilogy
Centre 0.5ct, Sides 0.25ct x 2, F-G, VS
(Plus 2 x 0.002ct, round D-G, VS, 8/8 cut, set into the exposed screw ends)

Job sheet
3 stone princes cut trilogy, with a stepped and layered top made to represent Deco period architectural elements,
or a modern interpretation of deco design

The top was built from assembled hand made interlocking layers, which are fitted to a continuous band. The two parts are joined with a diamond set threaded pin, which has been soldered under the band



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